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Electronic Communications

When in store, we will ask you for contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.  These will be used through our CRM system to send out confirmations about appointments, reminders, promotions, and other general communications between you the customer and our company.  This information is stored primarily within our CRM “UrAble”, and is proprietary/owned by our business.  Only necessary information will be recorded outside of our CRM, with our partner companies that are hosting warranties and will need certain information in order to complete registration, and our payment processor Stripe.

Visiting our website, purchasing or inquiring about products or services on-line, by phone, text, or email, with/to our company constitutes as electronic communications.  You consent to receive electronic communications and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically, via email and on the site, satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

We do require payment of a non refundable booking fee to hold an appointment that is being made, the payment will apply toward the final bill of service(s) being rendered for that appointment. In the event you need to reschedule an appointment we will allow you to change the date 1 (one) time so long as at least 24 or more hours notice is given. In the event you do not inform us of needing to change your appointment and do not show up to your appointment we will consider this a no call / no show, the appointment will be closed, and the booking fee will not be refunded. Should you choose to re-book an appointment with us you will need to make payment of another booking fee which would apply to the new sales order.

All Services listed in our menu or otherwise that are completed and provided for you by our company are considered final sales and no refunds will be given.  In the event that a service provided does not live up to your expectations we will work with you, the customer, to meet those expectations within reasonable terms.  Under no circumstances is B&Z Detailing, or any of its affiliates, liable to provide a refund (partial or whole) for services rendered.

For any products sold in store we offer a 7 day return policy for any un-opened / non used items.  Items must still be in original packaging or still sealed when applicable.  Any apparel sold is considered final sale, with the exception of exchanging for a different size within 7 days of purchase and can only be completed if brand new, unworn, & unwashed.

For online product sales, we offer a 7 day return/exchange policy following the same guidelines as our in store policy.  The customer will be responsible for shipping costs for any products/items back to Autocorrect Detailing.  To process an online return/exchange, please contact our store 973-668-8892 and we will provide you with an RMA number and shipping information.  Any items returned without an RMA number will not be processed.

Gift Cards / E Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased for any amount and are non refundable. Please note that any applicable sales taxes for products or services rendered will be applied at the time of the transaction for the service or products.

We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time, without notice.

Liability Waivers & Disclaimers

·         Product Removal Services Disclaimer:

Clear Bra (PPF) Removal, Decal Removal, and removal of any other film adhered to paint, all carry inherent risks.  The biggest risk is that paint may lift up due to aged adhesive, or weak bond of paint underneath. Because we have no way to know the condition of the paint underneath, we cannot be responsible for paint lifting, clear coat damage, scratches, discoloration, or any other paint defect that is either caused during the removal process or that was present but not visible prior to removal. Additionally, paint underneath PPF or Vinyl will have different exposure times to the sun (UV Light) than paint around it, which may cause a “shadow” effect, where even though the vinyl and adhesive has been removed the clear coat underneath may appear a different shade. This is most prevalent in viny stripes, as you’ll see the difference side by side.

Window Tint Removal risks: Window tint is held onto your window with and adhesive.  While we aim to achieve the best results every time, there are certain factors that can prevent “perfect” removal.  Prior installation errors & damage may not be reversible or fixable, and may not be able to be seen until the film is off, therefore we cannot be held responsible for any damage, scratches, or any other defect within the window that is either caused during the removal process or that was present but not visible prior to removal.  Lastly, some adhesives from films can at times leave un-removable residue, or micro marring of glass which may not be able to be polished out and could be noticeable even if new tint were to be put on.

This disclaimer serves as notice that you the customer acknowledge that Autocorrect Detailing will take every precaution necessary to mitigate the above risks but that you will not hold them responsible for any pre-existing damage or damage caused by removal of any film or decals.  I also acknowledge that Autocorrect Detailing charges by the hour, our rate is $100, at quarterly increments to remove any product or film, and that any estimate that is given prior to the service being performed is only an estimate and the final time may vary from the estimate given.

·         Window Tint

Window tint laws vary by state and this disclaimer is to serve notice that you the customer acknowledge that you will not hold Autocorrect Detailing nor any employees or vendors accountable for hiring us to install window tint on a window that is considered too dark or illegal to have on a particular window(s) in your vehicle. You the customer also agree that you will not hold us liable for any fines or fees associated with any window tint law you may violate, and that you will be solely responsible for any fees to re-move any tint if/as required. You also agree that you will be the ultimate decider in choosing what VLT% to go with, we will not and can not make this decision for you. We may help guide you in your decision making process, we have samples / photos/ and displays we can show you, but ultimately if you choose a VLT% that is too light or dark for your satisfaction, you will have to pay to have it removed / replaced regardless of how long it has been on the window(s).

·     Repairs, bodywork, or paint work prior to your appointment

Any parts of your vehicle that are repaired prior to your service must be properly repaired with and be finished with OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) paint or clear coat. Any recently applied finish must be cured for the full amount of time recommended (minimum of 30 days) by the paint manufacture before we do any work including but not limited to: detailing, polishing, compounding, coating, or applying clear bra material to the surface.  By agreeing to our terms & conditions you are agreeing that any damage that is present and not fixed on the vehicle will still be visible. Additionally, you have notified us of any damage to the vehicle that was repaired prior to your appointment and that it has been completed by a professional body shop; the appropriate amount of time has passed prior to us beginning work on your vehicle; & that while our installers will be extra cautious with these surfaces to minimize any damage or peeling of paint, there is no way to guarantee a repainted surface will not react in way during a service that an issue arises. This disclaimer serves as notice that you the customer acknowledge Autocorrect Detailing will take every precaution necessary to mitigate the above risks, but that you will not hold them responsible for any damage caused to a repaired or repainted surface during any of our services.

·         Paint Protection Film (PPF or Clear Bra): General Terms & Conditions and Warranty information

PPF is a pliable vinyl material that we make every effort to make look as seamless as possible, however, there may be curves, bumps, rivets, moldings and deep-channeled curves that the film will not be able to conform to, and small edges that may have to be left exposed. There will be areas, such as door handles, mirrors, gas caps, doorframes, wheel wells, bumpers, hoods, fenders, around edges and hard corners, etc. where edges of the PPF may be visible. In some cases relief cuts need to be made or patches need to be installed to cover certain areas. Stretching film will result in some shrinkage as it attempts to return to its original form/dimensions. As it shrinks, some minor tenting and lifting can occur and will be addressed in the 30-60 day check-up if necessary. There may also be seams where two panels meet and edges can not be wrapped. While we aim to protect as much of the exposed paint as possible, it is not always certain that 100% of a panel can be protected by film. PPF is designed to adhere to any painted surface with clear coat, it is not intended for use nor can it be expected to adhere long term to plastic, primer, silicone, or rubber surfaces. For this reason we advise against wrapping these areas, if you choose to wrap one of these areas we can install it for you at our normal rates but it will not be warrantied and we will not replace it if it falls off regardless of how long it’s been. Please note that PPF is installed in an active shop environment and while we take extra precautions to mitigate dust and keep a clean shop environment, it is not possible to promise a 100% dust free install, The rule of thumb is that the film is intended to be viewed from a distance of 6 feet without seeing any imperfections or debris in the film.

Condition of vehicle prior to install of PPF: Even brand new vehicles from the factory can have paint defects in them upon delivery, we always will compound and polish your paint prior to install, however if there are any paint defects such as paint runs, dust nibs, or deep sanding marks, that don’t clear up with compounding we may have to wet sand. This would be addressed with you prior to any wet-sanding or PPF installation being done as it would incur and additional charge. Any damage or rust, bubbling, scratches, dents, will be visible through the film, and such surface damage or imperfections may damage the film, cause the film to fail prematurely or the PPF material may not adhere to the surface at all.

Adhesive curing time & Aftercare of your PPF: Your new Kavaca PPF Film has adhesive under the film that allows it to stick to the painted surfaces it is applied to. After install your film’s adhesive will be making its full bond to the paint, during the first 14 days it is crucial that you do not wash the vehicle with any chemicals, and do not pick or peel with any film that lifts. In most cases of PPF lifting, it is due to expansion and contraction from temperature changes and it typically occurs in the first few weeks after instillation. If there are extreme temperature changes with outside weather, do your best to keep the vehicle out of direct sunlight as much as possible for the first 7 days after installation as this will limit expansion and contraction with the film. DO NOT attempt to self-fix, stretch, press or otherwise remove a piece of film that has an issue, we can not warranty a film that has been tampered with as the request will be denied by the manufacturer.

You may see small bubbles and haziness (the moisture pockets between the film and the paint) in the PPF for the first 30-60 days after installation (THIS IS NORMAL AND IS PART OF THE CURING PROCESS & WILL EVAPORATE). As mentioned, during the first 14 days do not wash your PPF, after 14 days you can wash your PPF with PH Neutral soaps. If using high-pressure sprayers at least 3-4 feet away from the PPF at all times. We recommend when cleaning to use only PPF safe products and to avoid any harsh chemicals, including soaps with dyes, of any kind as they can deteriorate or even stain the PPF. Avoid using abrasive washing clothes as well as drying towels. NEVER use automated car washes that have brushes to clean your vehicle, these brushes can damage or lift your film, and generally these automated washes apply some sort of protectant, which as explained above can be harmful to the film, all of which is not covered under the warranty. For any automated wash that is “touchless” ensure that the wash offers a safe distance of at least 2-3 feet from your PPF, especially any Edges of PPF.

Never apply wax to your PPF. It will cause the PPF to turn yellow and crack. If waxing the paint on the car make sure to tape off the edges of the clear bra to protect them from the wax being applied. Topical Silica Based Sealants are safe to use on Coated Films only! They are not recommended on Instant Heal or Matte Films as it can effect any instant properties of the film until washed off, and in the sun can produce a oil like look atop the PPF.

Ceramic Pro PPF Warranty: Ceramic Pro Warrants that for 12 years the KAVACA paint protective film, installed on clear coated vehicle panels, is free of manufacturers defects and protection against yellowing from dirt and chemicals, yellowing from UV*, bubbling, staining and cracking or any material failure. The warranty excludes damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, accidents or misapplication. The KAVACA PPF warranty is valid for twelve (12) years from the date of purchase. In the event there is an issue that arises that is covered under the Ceramic Pro Warranty, the warranty can be honored either by Autocorrect Detailing or at any Ceramic Pro KAVACA installation center in the United States. For full terms & conditions regarding Ceramic Pro Warranty, please refer to the email provided upon completion which includes a full PDF booklet of warranty information or visit

Additional Warranty Coverage is available for purchase from Transparent Warranty. This is an optional warranty that covers damage that penetrates the PPF, this warranty has to be opted in or declined prior to the vehicle leaving our shop. For full information please see an associate or visit

Accidents and other Damage: Your film is designed to absorb impacts from rocks, and other various road debris. Any damage caused to the film or penetrating the film is not covered under Ceramic Pro Warranty. If you purchased a Transparent PPF Warranty certain penetrating damage is covered, please refer to their Terms & conditions for more info or to make a claim. If any damage occurs it may also be covered under your auto insurance. We highly recommend that after you have your film installed you should immediately call to notify your insurance provider that you had PPF installed so there is a record on file of it prior to any claims having to be made.

Refunds / Returns: PPF is a non returnable/refundable service. Once the work has been completed and payment has been made, it will be agreed that the work has been completed to a satisfactory level.

·         Ceramic Coatings: General Terms & Conditions and Warranty Terms & Condition information

Ceramic Pro 9H is SGS tested to be above 9H hardness, Ceramic Pro Top Coat, while durable, is not rated at 9H and will be less protective than Ceramic Pro 9H. This disclaimer is to serve notice that you the client understand that Ceramic Coatings are scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof. Any scratches, swirls, chips, or other types of physical damage caused by any type of abrasion can happen and are not covered by any warranty. For full terms & conditions regarding Ceramic Pro Warranty, please refer to the email provided upon completion which includes a full PDF booklet of warranty information or visit Our shop is a Transparent Warranty Specialist shop, and offers a courtesy Transparent Warranty with your coating (up to 5 years). This warranty covers damage to your coating from water spotting, bird/bug/sap etching, salt water, acid rain, UV damage, and more. Please refer to your Transparent Warranty Contract for full Terms & Conditions regarding your warranty.

Drying & Curing times: The first 24 hours after your vehicle is coated is considered the drying time. We will hold onto your vehicle during this time as it is crucial that it does not see environmental contamination or rain during this time. Once dry your vehicle is safe to leave our shop and drive. It will continue to cure, full cure time is 14 days from application. During the 14 day curing time it is crucial that you do not wash your vehicle with any chemicals. In the event bird droppings gets on the vehicle you can safely remove them with a silica waterless wash, or water, and microfiber towel. In the event sap, tar, or other harsh products get on your vehicle we ask that you bring the vehicle to us and we can remove these safely and treat any of the affected surfaces as needed. *Please note that during the winter months the salt & brine that get applied to our roads just about the harshest thing that will get on your coating, we do recommend washing it off as soon as possible even during the 14 day curing period: to do this, you must use a silica safe soap, silica rinseless wash, or silica waterless wash, along with a microfiber wash mit to lower the risk of damaging the coating. If you are not wanting to wash the vehicle during this time we can wash it for you, please ask for our current pricing & options.

Ceramic Coatings on your wheels: If any brake dust or other contaminants are on your wheels it is advised to clean it off as soon as possible to prevent stains from occurring. It is to be understood that the longer something sits on a vehicles wheel, even if coated, the wheel can become stained and that stain or discoloration may not be able to be removed and that no warranty provided covers staining of your wheels or re-coating of your wheels.

Glass Coatings: Glass, although in a solid state, is still a porous surface. A Coating on your glass is intended for the functional purpose of keeping your window’s easier to clean and improve visibility in bad weather. It is not applied with the intent of protecting from chips, cracks, or etchings of any kind. Glass coating maintenance: Cleaning can by done by the end user with any Ammonia free glass cleaner.

Interior Coatings: Ceramic Pro offers various coating products for different surfaces including Leather, Textile, & Plastics. Coatings on your interior surfaces help protect from discoloration from UV light, help make cleaning easier, and help give you a longer time to clean up spills before stains can set. Please note that while coatings help protect surfaces they are not intended to prevent scratches or stains from setting. Stains from spills or dye transfers from jeans can still happen if not addressed quickly.

·         Matte Paint

Due to the nature of your vehicles Matte Paint Finish we are unable to Compound or Polish the vehicle to remove any imperfections prior to coating, this will result in those imperfections being covered by the Ceramic Coating(s) or PPF , essentially “locking them in”.

Due to the Matt Paint Finish not being able to be compounded or polished, Ceramic Pro does not offer a warranty on coatings or PPF applied to Matte Paint as there is no way to safely remove the coatings with out damaging the matte finish. Should any part of the vehicle ever need to be re-coated for any reason, it is to be understood that the part would need to be repainted or replaced with a new part prior to the recoating.

During installation we will do everything within our power to have the application come out as flawless as possible. However it is to be understood that should any issue arise to the paint, coating, or PPF, that there is no way to correct these with damaging the Matte paint underneath. This disclaimer does serve as notice that you understand the risks involved with coating or applying PPF to Matte Paint / surfaces and that you will not hold Autocorrect Detailing responsible for any issues should they arise.

·         Annual inspection

Ceramic Pro requires an annual inspection of its PPF & Coatings in order to continue it’s warranty. Full terms & conditions are available on Ceramic Pro’s website For any PPF or Coating job that we installed here at Autocorrect Detailing we offer 2 options when having your vehicle inspected with us (options may vary by other Ceramic Pro locations if you have your warranty inspections done elsewhere). Any warranty issues that can not be addressed at the time of inspection will have a separate appointment made as soon as possible.

  • A Free visual inspection: This is only recommended for those who highly maintain their own vehicles on a regular basis and have full knowledge of any issues that may be arising. For this inspection we require an advanced booking & you must wash the vehicle yourself and immediately bring it to us. Any dirty vehicles we can not visually inspect & test panels to see how coatings or film are holding up will be turned away and required to reschedule at a later date. (Visual inspection roughly 10-15 minutes)

  • Exterior Annual Maintenance Wash & Inspection: There is a charge for this depending on size of vehicle, please contact us for current rates. This service includes a full decontamination hand wash, inspection of all coated surfaces or PPF film, and application of Ceramic Pro Care products. For customers who are taking part of our maintenance plans this service will be billed at the current discounted rate. (Roughly 1-2 hours)

·     Approved work

When booking we will go over options, offer free inspections, and even if requested provide multiple estimates so you can book the work that best suits your needs.  Once booked, the work on our work order will be what is performed.  Any work that you would like to add on additionally, no matter how “small” or “large” may incur an additional fee, and will require an additional work order approval.

All agreed upon work needs to be in writing, please look over your work order prior to booking to ensure everything you wanted done is included.  We work with many customers & jobs daily, so things discussed verbally can not be guaranteed to be remembered to be done, so to avoid any issues please ensure any specific work that falls outside a normal package is on your ticket.

Prior to any job starting we will inspect the vehicle to ensure it is in the same condition as it was when booked. If there are any changes that need to be made due to a vehicles condition having changed, we will notify you and if needed provide our inspection photos prior to any work being done so you can approve any additional work.

·        Personal Belongings

It is to be understood that all personal belongings and anything valuable should be removed prior to leaving your vehicle with us at Autocorrect Detailing.  While we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, accidents can happen when things are left behind that is out of our control, and this disclaimer is to serve notice that you the customer acknowledge that you will remove any personal/valuable items from your vehicle and will not hold Autocorrect Detailing nor any employees or vendors accountable for any missing or damaged items.

For any vehicle that is dropped off with excessive garbage that requires removal prior to detailing, or personal belongings that need to be removed and replaced back in the vehicle we do reserve the right to bill accordingly at our hourly rate to do this as it will take excess time and could back our shop up with our other jobs for the day. To avoid this, please remove garbage & personal belongings.

·         Accidental Damage

Certain services do carry inherent risks of having accidental damage occur to a vehicle.  It is to be understood that we at Autocorrect Detailing will do everything in our power to reduce these risks, and that all employees have been trained to carry out any services with this in mind.   Unfortunately accidents can occur, and while we will do our best to rectify situations to the best of our ability, this disclaimer is to serve notice that you the customer acknowledge that you will not hold Autocorrect Detailing nor any employees or vendors accountable for any accidental damage that may occur while your vehicle is in our possession.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use/Intellectual property

You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, revocable license to access and use strictly in accordance with these terms of use.  As a condition of your use of the site, you warrant Autocorrect Detailing that you will not use the site for purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms.  You may not use the site in any manner which could damage, disable, overburden or impair the site or interfere with any other party’s use of the site.  You many not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available or provided for through the site.

All content is included as part of the service, such as text, graphics, logos, images, as well as the compilation of thereof, and any software used on the site is property of Autocorrect Detailing or its suppliers and protected by copyright and other laws that protect intellectual property and proprietary rights.  You agree to observe and abide by all copyright and other proprietary notices, legends or other restrictions contained in any such content and will not make any changes thereto.

You will not modify, publish, transmit, reverse engineer, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit any of the content, in whole or in part, found on the site.  Autocorrect Detailing content is not for resale.  Your use of the site does not entitle you to make any unauthorized use of any protected content and in particular you will not delete or alter any proprietary rights or attribution notices in any content.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Autocorrect Detailing, its officers, directors, employees, agents and third parties for any losses, costs, liabilities, and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) relating to or arising from our services that we completed here at our shop.  In addition you agree to indemnify Autocorrect Detailing as well for any use or inability to use our website or services.

Changes to Terms

Autocorrect Detailing reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the terms under which our products, services, and website is offered and operated.  The most current version of these terms will supersede all previous versions.  Autocorrect Detailing encourages you to periodically review the terms to stay informed of our updates.

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