About US

Ceramic Pro NWNJ

At Ceramic Pro NWNJ, we use the best materials and techniques to provide paint protection for your vehicle. Our experts are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that your car is properly protected and looks great.

Our paint protection services like Paint protection film NJ also come with a warranty, so you can guarantee that your investment is secure. We understand that keeping your car in top condition is important, and we strive to provide the best service possible.

If you’re looking for paint protection in North Jersey, look no further than our shop. Contact us at (973) 668-8892 or sales@autocorrectdetailing.com to learn more about paint protection and how we can help ensure that your vehicle stays in great condition. You can also check our social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel to learn more about our services and discover tips on how to flawlessly maintain your vehicle!

Why Choose Us?

Factory-Trained Installers

A Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer represents the pinnacle of surface protection service. Elite Dealers are required to pass a rigorous factory-training program in order to ensure above-average skills in the installation of Ceramic Pro and KAVACA products. This means Elite Dealer staff are expected to offer Ceramic Pro Coatings, KAVACA PPF and KAVACA Window Film installation services that exceed the expectations normal to most installers.

Proven Tools & Products

Your vehicle deserves the best treatment possible, that is why we only use industry best tools & products. Whether it’s using Americana Global Chemicals or Rupes Polishers & Pads to detail, or The Rag Company towels to clean & dry, your vehicle is constantly being pampered by top of the line products. In addition to using these products, we also re-sell them here in store for your aftercare needs so you can detail like a pro too!

Elite Customer Service

From start to finish we deliver a luxury detailing service and our reputation speaks for itself. From the time you first step inside our shop we want your experience to be unique and unlike anything else you’ve experienced from the detailing industry of the past.