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Motorcycle detailing is the art of restoring a motorcycle to its original condition. This can help maintain or even improve your bike’s resale value. With regular maintenance, it will also keep your motorcycle running in top condition for years to come. A professional detailer will use specialized tools and products to make sure that every inch of your bike is taken care of with precision and care. Whether you are looking to bring back some shine on an old classic or preserve a brand new ride, It can be a great investment in both time and money!

Motorcycle Detailing Augusta NJ Specialists

Our Ceramic Pro NWNJ Elite Dealers are specialists in detailing, polishing, and protecting all types of motorcycles. From showroom condition to custom projects, our detailers use the latest tools and techniques to make sure your bike is in its best condition. 

Specifically, we offer the following services to fit your Motorcycle Detailing Augusta NJ needs: 

  • The “Seasonal” Detail – Removes a moderate amount of paint imperfections, with 1-Year Ceramic Sealant to make maintenance easier
  • Ceramic Pro Coatings – Perfect for up to 80% paint corrections with top-notch Ceramic Coating to protect against fading and oxidation (with varying warranty)

Maintaining your motorcycle is more than just keeping it clean and polished. It’s an expression of pride and a guarantee of safety. Learn more about us by contacting us today at (973) 668-8892 or sales@autocorrectdetailing.com to discuss how we can help you with all your Motorcycle Detailing needs!

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Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing in Augusta NJ

The “Seasonal” Detail

Starts at $400

This detail is for riders who want to remove a moderate amount of imperfections in the paint, and protect it with a 1 Year Ceramic Sealant help make cleaning the bike after a day of riding easier.


  • 1 Step Polish (50% Paint Correction) of Paint & Metal

  • 1 Year Ceramic Sealant

Augusta NJ Motorcycle Detailing

Ceramic Pro Coatings

Our Ceramic Pro Coating packages aim to achieve at least 80% correction of imperfections in your bikes paint. We then protect your paint with a long lasting Ceramic Pro Coating, which helps protect against fading, oxidation, etching from bird droppings, sap, bugs, and water spots.


  • Up to a 2 Step Correction (80% correction of imperfections)

  • Application of Ceramic Pro Coatings to:

    • All exterior paint surfaces

    • Leather / Vinyl Seats & Bags

    • Plastic trim surfaces

    • Wheel Faces

    • Windshield / Visor

Single Layer – (2-Year Warranty): $900

Two Layer – (7-Year Warranty): $1200

Three Layer – (Lifetime Warranty): $2000

Note: All prices are starting prices for “standard” sized motorcycles (2 fenders & tank) and are subject to NJ Sales Tax.
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However, motorcycle detailing Augusta NJ is more than solely for aesthetic reasons. For protective purposes, motorcycles also need washing, waxing, and polishing to ensure their entire system works as effectively as possible. In fact, detailing is particularly important for motorcycles that have been on the road for several years or ridden in difficult conditions to ensure safety and protection, apart from keeping the bike looking brand new.

If you’re in New Jersey or the surrounding area, you can contact Ceramic Pro NWNJ today at (973) 668-8892 or sales@autocorrectdetailing.com for this services to get your bike looking and running at its best.

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