High Quality RV Detailing Service in Augusta, NJ 

Recreational Vehicles (or RVs) are like a home on wheels. It provides all the amenities of your regular home while letting you explore the world around you. They come with comfortable beds and sleeping areas, kitchens equipped with all the necessary appliances, and storage compartments to help keep your items organized. RVs can also have air conditioning, TVs, and stereos to enhance your experience.

RV Detailing Augusta NJ and Ceramic Coating Services

At Ceramic Pro NWNJ, our Elite dealers specialize in RV detailing Augusta NJ and ceramic coating services. They are skilled to make your RV look brand new again by performing the following services:

  • Express Detail (Starts at $14/ft) – Perfect for a clean-up right before travel, with a paint sealant that lasts for 6 months
  • Refresh Detail (Starts at $25/ft) – Removes light oxidation on the RV’s clear coat (with added paint sealant)
  • Paint Correction (Starts at $50/ft) – Improves the clarity of paint by 80%! (with extra paint sealant) 
  • Ceramic Coating (Starts at $95/ft) – Adds a layer of protection and helps maintain your RV’s exterior finish for a long time.

Depending on your needs and budget, our detailing experts will help you choose the right package to ensure your RV looks its best. Learn more 
about us by contacting us at (973) 668-8892 or sales@autocorrectdetailing.com and visit us at Ceramic Pro NWNJ for a top-notch RV detailing and ceramic coating experience. We look forward to serving you! 

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Ceramic Pro Coating Packages

RV Detailing Augusta NJ

Express Detail

Starting at $14/ft

Looking to get your RV cleaned up before or after a season of travel? Our Express detail cleans up your RV and protects it with a paint sealant that lasts up to 6 months!

  • Full Decontamination Hand Wash
  • 6-Month Paint Sealant
  • Popouts & Awnings Included
RV Detailing in Augusta NJ

Refresh Detail


Our Refresh Detail goes a step further in improving the clarity in your RV’s paint by removing any light oxidation that has formed on your RV’s Clear Coat. We apply a 6 month paint sealant to protect your RV.

  • Full Decontamination Wash
  • Single-Step Polishing of Paint
  • 6-Month Paint Sealant Applied
RV Detailing NJ

Paint Correction


For RV’s with heavy oxidation or for newer vehicles with clear coat paint that get “swirls” in the paint, a paint correction will aim to improve the clarity of the paint by at least 80%! Once Corrected we apply a stronger paint sealant to help protect the work we’ve done from failing as quickly.

  • Full Decontamination Wash
  • 2-Step Paint Correction *
  • 1-Year Ceramic Pro Coating Applied
Augusta NJ RV Detailing

Ceramic Coatings


For those looking for maximum durability plus unmatched longevity of product and warranty, this package provides your vehicle’s paint, plastics and glass with the highest level of ceramic protection possible. With the choice between 3 packages we can layer as many as 5 Layers of Ceramic Pro 9H on your RV to provide ultimate protection & ease of maintaining the paint.

  • Full Decontamination Wash
  • 2-Step Paint Correction
  • Application of Ceramic Pro 9H
    • Paint
    • Plastic Trim
    • Exterior Glass
    • Wheel Faces
    • Chrome /  Metal Surfaces
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But the best part is, with your RV, you can travel wherever you want without worrying about hotel or lodging accommodations. Since your RV is crucial to your travel experience, it’s essential to keep your home on wheels in the best condition possible.

RV detailing Augusta NJ is a great way to ensure that your RV looks its best and stays in peak performance for all your adventures. If you’re in New Jersey or the surrounding areas, you can visit us at Ceramic Pro NWNJ for your RV detailing needs. Contact us at (973) 668-8892 or sales@autocorrectdetailing.com to give your RV the ultimate makeover it deserves.

You can also check out our other Augusta NJ services like interior detailing, ceramic coating, PPF, motorcycle detailing, express details, auto detailing, window tint, exterior detailing, and our ultimate armor package!


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